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A Call from Our Esteemed Rabbonim

Regarding the Local eruv 


Kislev 5765 

It is well known to all that an eruv has been established in our town many years ago, and it cannot be overemphasized how all residents benefit from it, and how thousands of men, women and children use it on a weekly basis.
From the time it was first founded until today, our community has gained outstanding acclaim, and as a result, Monsey is constantly expanding and currently includes many new neighborhoods and additional localities. These new regions have expressed their strong desire to be included in the eruv, which is currently mostly formed by doorframe-posts and fences that are scattered behind houses and untended properties. Such a formation makes the weekly inspection of the eruv extremely difficult. It is therefore necessary to improve the status of the eruv in our community. The plan is to build a new eruv with vastly expanded borders that will surround and include all neighborhoods that are a part of the greater community, by using the telephone and electric poles. With such an improvement, the eruv will be steadfast and durable, so that there will be no concern about any tears, breaches or other damages to its structure, even in harsh weather conditions such as snow or sleet. Furthermore, these improvements will enable the eruv to be easily inspected on erev Shabbos, in order to avoid the accidental overlooking of any deficiencies. There are many additional benefits to be derived by improving the eruv.

However, the expense of such an undertaking is truly a great burden, especially since it is a community project of such great proportions that benefits all residents. We must bear in mind the “importance of the mitzvah of constructing an eruv” (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim: 366,13) and see what the Chasam Sofer z”l says (Responsa, Orach Chaim: 99), “that simple logic dictates that it is proper and required for us to arrange our properties so that they should be enclosed by an eruv that makes it permissible to carry.” It is therefore self understood that it is the responsibility of the entire community to take part in this venture and to assist and aid those who construct the eruv as it should be.

Therefore, all residents of Monsey and the surrounding vicinities are requested, according to the ruling of the Shulchan Aruch, to contribute the minimum amount of one hundred dollars (people of little means may contribute the amount of fifty dollars), and those who contribute more will be blessed with more.


These contributions will be utilized to fulfill the requirement to establish an eruv according to the most stringent halachic standards, as we have seen in the preceding generations in all Jewish communities, under the guidance of the Torah leaders. In our situation, it is the responsibility of all residents to partake in this worthy undertaking. In the merit of this community-wide mitzvah, and in the merit of the holy Shabbos, may we be blessed with an abundance of brachas, and may we be zocheh to divine assistance throughout this venture.

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