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Our community counts on each other to support the Rockland Eruv.

Baruch Hashem, our lives are full of goodness, and often we get used to it. We forget that we have so many blessings, and how we would feel if they were suddenly gone. One of those things is the Rockland Eruv.

As we look ahead to Shabbos each week, we simply assume that we will be able to push our strollers outside, carry seforim and Taleisim to shul, bring dessert over to our neighbor’s home or snacks to the park for our children. If we are careful, on Friday we will check to see if the Eruv in our section is up, but that’s about the extent of it.  Do we really consider and appreciate all of the time and effort which goes into the upkeep and checking of this important resource? 

For the benefit it provides, the eruv is one of the greatest values for the price. The cost per family is only two dollars a week - pennies per person - probably less than one of the sweet treats you use to honor the Shabbos. Think about how different your Shabbos would look if you were stuck in your home, unable to visit with others. Didn’t you have enough of that last year?

Please take a moment now, to fulfill your annual Eruv obligation of $104, with your tax-deductible payment.   

Thank you for your support!


Our Volunteer Repairmen,

Sam & GJ

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