One Eruv Unifies Rockland

THE ERUV: The Rockland Eruv Committee is comprised of Rabbanim, lay leaders and volunteers from across the entire greater Monsey area. After many years of diligent hard work, the committee is proud to inform the entire community that the Rockland Eruv has been completed and is functioning in a well organized efficient manner and serves the needs of just about all residents of the greater Monsey area.

Over the past 4 years, a group of local Rabbanim and askonim volunteered many hours of their own time and often advanced their own funds to ensure that a large, reliable and comprehensive eruv would be built for the benefit of all the Monsey communities. The new Rockland Eruv is now up and functional and meeting all expectations. The purpose of this Report is to share with you the background, history, details, some Halacha and current status of the eruv, as well as to ask your help in contributing to ensure the proper upkeep and maintenance of the eruv. As a local resident, you benefit from the eruv each and every Shabbos and you also have the responsibility to help with its maintenance and upkeep.

May the sanctity of Shabbos be elevated as a result of our combined efforts.