Help Keep the Eruv Up

The Eruv provides tremendous benefit to all those within its borders, as well as to visitors to the Monsey area. However, it takes money to maintain it properly. Please support the Eruv by giving the suggested one-time construction contribution of $200. If you cannot give this amount at one time, please give what you can. If you can give more, please do, as your generosity will help balance the smaller donations we receive.

Yearly membership. For only $1 per week, ($52/year) you can have a meaningful share in helping maintain the Eruv, while also ensuring peace of mind while carrying on Shabbos and enhancing the Oneg Shabbos of thousands of other families.

Please make your tax- deductible donation be sending a check made out to "Vaad HaEruv of Rockland" to P.O. Box 1161, Monsey, NY 10952 or you may give it to your loccal shul's Eruv representative.

We can now accept credit card donations online - this is the fastest and easiest way to donate.

Printable Donation Form