A few words about why safety is important and how we must adhere to it regardless of cost

The highest standards of safety were observed in building this eruv, extending even to our contractors donning prescribed safety gear and reflective clothing, as required by OSHA regulations. As we continue our work and efforts, this high standard will be maintained. Never should a volunteer "eruv checker" be forced into a dangerous situation because funds were lacking for proper safety equipment. Never should carelessness be accepted even when the one being reckless does so of his own accord.
Additionally, we remind parents and pedestrians that though the Eruv affords us the opportunity to walk to shul or to socialize, it does not preclude vehicles from driving down our streets at high speeds. Please be careful, and ensure that children are never allowed to run in the street. At the same time, we must all respect the right of those drivers to use the roads and maintain friendly relations with our neighbors.