Maintaining the Eruv

The Rabbinic Vaad or their representatives will check the Eruv each and every week prior to Shabbas or Yom Tov. Every attachment and connection point- be it a length of wire between two poles or the lechi attachment on any of its poles- as well as the quality of all fences used as parts of the border will be carefully checked by visual inspection.

The eruv checkers will complete minor repairs.

We have a hotline, which you should use every Friday afternoon to check the eruv's status. The The eruv's weekly status will also be posted online at: where you will also find useful information about the eruv, as well as information about our community and other nearby communities.

The major expenses involved in the eruv's upkeep are: the weekly inspections, repair costs (labor and equipment), liability insurance, the website and the hotline. An annual donation of $52 towards maintenance is respectfully requested.